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What sets us apart?

Our employees are certified.

The Value of Certification

Certification is a process that recognizes individuals who have met certain qualifications and demonstrated special knowledge and expertise.Because of their special training and skills, certified personnel have demonstrated more knowledge and confidence, enabling them to provide better patient care. Certified personnel are trained to perform many skilled tasks, freeing up physicians to diagnose and treat patients to make their ophthalmic practices more productive.

Certifications our Technicians hold:

COA® (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant ®)
The Certified Ophthalmic Assistant® (COA®) certification level is JCAHPO’s initial core level of certification.

COMT® (Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist®)
The Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist® (COMT®) certification is JCAHPO’s highest core level of certification. COMTs are among the top trained and educated personnel in the allied health profession. COMTs have generally either worked as COT or graduated from a COA-OMP, CMA, or CAAHEP accredited training program for ophthalmic medical technologists.

Certifications our Opticians hold:


Our Services

Medical & Vision Eye Exams
Treatment For Eye Disease
Cataract Surgery
Contact Lenses
Contact Lens Fittings
Dry Eye Management

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